Club Prep Academy

2024 FALL CLUB PREP ACADEMY SEASON: Level 1 & 2   8 Week Program


Level 1: This program is a great place to start for the beginning volleyball player. The focus is on fundamentals of the sport, athletic agility training, and court movement will be done at this level. Coaches will continuously evaluate your athlete in order to make recommendations for Level 2 when they are ready.

Level 2: We will continue to focus on fundamentals as well as teach athletes how to apply them to a game like setting. At this level we will introduce small, in house scrimmages through the academy season for the athletes to practice what they are learning in a game setting.

AVA will continue to evaluate individual player progress. We will do our best to group players in similar skill levels so players can develop at the appropriate pace. Completion of Level 1 does not automatically qualify a player for Level 2.

Ages: 16U-13U (10th-7th grade) Grades for Fall of 2024

Date: Sunday Evenings  Sept 8th-Oct 27th (8 Week program 1x week)

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Cost: $240

Directed by Trey May and AVA Coaching Staff