Program Philosophy

AVA of Texas believes in the lessons that volleyball teaches each and every one of us. We believe the discipline, effort, structure and team work required to succeed in a team atmosphere teach participants lifelong lessons - lessons that help define and shape the personalities of adolescent athletes for the better.
It is the belief and philosophy of AVA that our primary responsibilities to our athletes are to:

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    Provide safe, disciplined and structured environments in both training and competition for all participants;

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    Establish positive relationships and respect between AVA, athletes and their families, coaches, administration and community;

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    Train our athletes at the highest level possible with the primary performance objective of high-level team and personal success.

The AVA of Texas program is dedicated to the growth, development and education of its players and their families with regard to the sport of volleyball. Our vision of “whole-player” development charges us with the task of preparing our players for the physical, emotional and psychological demands that high-level competition places upon athletes.

We believe that if you apply the principles of God first, others second, self third – these principles will equal success in whatever arena in which you are participating. The path to personal and team achievement is difficult and full of surprises. The AVA of Texas staff and administration recognizes this and pledges to proactively assist the players and their families with struggles they will encounter along the way. The goals and objectives of the player must be synthesized with that of the team and the program as a whole. This requires compromise and understanding on behalf of all personal parties involved, an understanding that the AVA of Texas family will work to create on a consistent basis.

AVA of Texas believes that the success an athlete enjoys is related directly to the belief exhibited in the athlete by teammates, coaches and parents alike. We believe that knowledge, guidance, professionalism and sacrifice are the cornerstones of the coach-player relationship, and we commit ourselves to those beliefs in our daily actions. AVA of Texas staff and administration strive to lead by example on a daily basis.