Mission Statement

AVA of Texas is committed to providing a competitive junior volleyball program for athletes, ages Pre-K-18. Staff, administration and support personnel within the AVA of Texas program will always strive to make the sport of volleyball and the act of athletic participation a teaching tool to develop personal growth and life skills.

Absolute Volleyball Academy (AVA) of Texas is a club volleyball organization dedicated to teaching and challenging girls and boys from ages 5 through 18. We focus on improving a player’s volleyball knowledge and abilities through skills training, a competitive practice atmosphere and top-level coaches. We strive to achieve individual excellence within a team dynamic. AVA attracts some of the best talent from the greater Houston area and beyond. Our volleyball academy targets all level of athletes, whether your child is a beginner or advanced. We are able to train all levels and abilities and tailor our tournament schedule to the needs of the particular team.

Wellness training is provided to each athlete in addition to the specific volleyball skills training. Core, agility, reaction, plyometric and explosiveness is incorporated into the practices. We teach our athletes how energy balance, caloric needs, activity, metabolism and food choices impact fitness level and performance on the court. We provide our athletes with a healthy food choice list for tournaments, and each athlete will have the option of body fat testing twice during the season. Our wellness training will allow our athletes to develop the qualities necessary for high performance in any sport and for volleyball in particular.

Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas visibly and actively contributes to the betterment of the community through various civic activities throughout the year. Opportunities for our student-athletes to pass on their training to others and annual service initiatives are important elements of our program.