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Chaz Hulett

Tournament Director
ADULTS $10.00
KIDS $5.00
Absolute Sports Complex


In addition to parking at AVA, there are more available parking spots at OneLife Church across the street (Saturdays only) &  East side of Old Galveston Rd.  Green lines indicate that parking IS PERMITTED.   Parking is NOT currently available at the other buildings of this business park or along any other street.  AVA is not responsible for the business park towing

AVA Parking 02-14-23
Parking Areas


General Rules

      • You’ve had close contact with any individual who has received a positive COVID-19 test within the last 48 hours
      • You are currently quarantined
      • You have any of the following symptoms:  cough, shortness of breath, fever (above 100.4 ℉) loss of taste or smell, nausea or vomiting, muscle fatigue, headache, sore throat, diarrhea, chills

Facility Rules

● Doors will open 45 minutes before the first scheduled match. Digital ticket holders will enter first.
● NO folding chairs are allowed, only Stadium seats allowed. Seating is provided.
● NO coolers are allowed.
NO outside food or drink will be permitted into the building. Concessions will be available for purchase.
● Food purchased in the concessions area CAN be taken to all SPECTATOR areas but can NOT be taken
into the playing area by players or coaches.
This is a Tobacco-Free facility. Tobacco of any kind is strictly prohibited on the property. Sidewalks
and parking lots are also TOBACCO-FREE.
● Players and Coaches will enter through the single glass doors on the right side of the main entrance. Signs
will be posted.
● Spectators will enter through the double doors at the main entrance. Signs will be posted.

Spectator Rules

AVA reserves the right to limit the number of spectators per player if the event is at maximum
capacity. Check the website for event details.
● Wrist bands are given and MUST be worn at all times
● Seating is provided. NO folding chairs allowed.
Spectators will be asked to clear the seating area when their team is not playing.
● Soft-Bottomed stadium seats are allowed.
● Spectators are not allowed in the playing area of the facility.
● NO unattended children.
● No standing at the bottom of the stairwell, anywhere along the stairs or upstairs railing.
● NO tripod cameras in any of the viewing areas. The COACH is allowed to set up a camera in the playing

Tournament Rules

  • Officiating teams will need to supply their own writing utensils: blue or black ink pens and pencils with erasers. Whiteout is also recommended.
  • Teams will NOT switch sides and/or benches during the match.
  • Water bottles should be placed in the plastic crates.

Playing Area Rules

● Only players and coaches. NO spectators inside the gym.
● Players are permitted to bring bottled water into the gym. We encourage the use of refillable water bottles.
The gym has 2 water bottle filling stations. No cases of water can be brought inside the facility.
● Ball handling only on the volleyball courts.
● Players are to sit in the bleachers provided when their team is not playing. NO players in the spectator
● When your team is playing, backpacks should be lined up on the back wall, between the courts so you leave
as much space as possible for the server.
● No sitting or climbing on volleyball equipment that is stored in the corners of the facility.
● Do not use the exterior doors for any reason other than to exit in case of an emergency only.

Sanitizing Rules

  • Sanitizing stations are located around the spectator area.  Please use them frequently.

Parking Rules

● NO Tailgating allowed in the parking lot.
● Any items left unattended in vehicles is at your own risk
● Additional Parking is available at OneLife Church on Saturdays until 2pm and Sundays after1pm when they are not hosting an event.
● You may park on the east side of Old Galveston Road.
Do NOT park along any of the streets inside the business park
Do NOT park in any of the other businesses' lots unless marked as additional AVA parking.
Do NOT park in the grass or any empty fields.

AVA of Texas is not responsible for business park towing.

Absolute Sports Complex reserves the right to remove you and/or refuse service to anyone that does not comply with these rules.


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AVA of Texas #4 Mar 2, 202411s & 12sOpen RegisterReserve HotelReserve Hotel
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AVA of Texas #6Mar 30, 202416s & 17sOpen RegisterReserve HotelReserve Hotel
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AVA of Texas #8Apr 13, 202413s, 17s & 18sOpen RegisterReserve HotelReserve Hotel
AVA of Texas #9May 4, 202412s & 14sOpen RegisterReserve HotelReserve Hotel
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