TD3 Fitness

Take Your Game Higher at AVA with TD3 Fitness

Those who play the most in a game situation are the athletes who have a combination of speed, agility and power. Let us teach you how to improve your volleyball vertical jump and explosiveness. TD3 Fitness uses the most effective training and explosive techniques resulting in a more consistent, effective and dominant athlete.

Team Jump Training

TD3FITNESS is excited to offer Team Jump Training for AVA athletes to improve their overall performance. Our programs are designed for volleyball specifics and will consist of dynamic warmups, agility, speed strength training and plyometrics. I also like to finish workouts with words of inspiration.

TD3 Fitness has created a great training solution and we encourage our players to enroll in this program that is held at AVA.  Several AVA Players that have trained with TD3 Fitness are now playing in college and beyond.