April Conant

About Me
I was raised in Pearland by two amazing parents that let me dip my hand into about every kind of extracurricular activity: church ministries, multiple sports, theater, robotics, and more! Now, I am a December 2023 college graduate and am currently in the process of applying to medical school. In the meantime, I am excited to be back at AVA to coach!

Volleyball Background
Though I was involved in a lot of activities as a kid, once I started volleyball, I was hooked. I started at a local club and moved to AVA my 14s year, where I grew not only as an athlete but as a young woman. I was eventually recruited at the collegiate level, and played 4 years at the University of Central Arkansas. I love this sport and the way it can form the heart of an athlete—I cannot wait to play a part in that for younger generations.

Coaching Philosophy
Having been a player very recently, it is important to me that the athletes recognize that the sport does not last forever. Giving your all in every practice, making every point count, and creating a productive environment with your teammates are some of the many ways to make the most out of the sport. They are lessons that very easily translate to the world outside of volleyball; and that is how true athletes are made.

Practice Philosophy
It is well known that a team plays how they practice. This includes both physical and mental aspects—so it is important that every practice is seen with the expectation of getting better and growing holistically.

Coaching Strengths
Offense, blocking, team morale

Final Notes
My goal is to help the athletes by making them better at the game of volleyball, but also to create an environment that fosters a love for the sport. I am excited to get to know them and walk alongside them in this season of life!