Daniel Escobedo

About me - I am a sports addict! I always been wanting to play any sport at the highest level possible! I came to the United States at the age of 15, growing up was very different to me because English became my 3rd language. I played different sports in high school such as Soccer, track, cross country and football. Played for a pro young club of Monterrey FC, Houstonians club and dynamo. Decided to play college for more opportunities but injuries stopped me to get to the next level. I have a beautiful daughter now and volleyball is been my life everyday for the past 4 years.

Volleyball background- I always been active at the highest level of volleyball here in Texas. I am mainly a pin hitter but I can play any position. I usually play at the A-AA Level tournaments and BB. My level of volleyball keep increasing very fast and I will play until my body allows me. I would love to share my knowledge with all my students and make them a better player!

Coaching philosophy- I want a healthy environment with all the players and no one stays behind! I will make you work hard and everyone should be a solid player by the end of the season. I will slowly fix those bad habits and all my players should be getting better each day. Hard work and positive mentality will get you to the next level.

Final notes- I will treat all my players like family, watching all this young athletes succeed brings me so much joy! I am a parent myself and I completely understand all emotions this young ladies will have throughout the season. AVA will work with your kids and their skill level would get better each year with all those amazing coaches! I am coach D! Very excited to see all of you! Thanks