Frank Heaton

About Me

I grew up in the small town of Mineral Point, WI surrounded by farmland and historical sites. I attended the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and obtained a B.S. in Geology in 2014. During that time, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel throughout the US, Argentina, and Nicaragua with my program. Upon graduation, I packed up my car and moved to the great state of Texas and have been here ever since.

Volleyball Background

Volleyball has always been a passion of mine even before I had an opportunity to learn the game. Growing up in a small town did not allow for the opportunity to play but I would watch any opportunity that I was fortunate enough to find volleyball on ESPN. Once I arrived at college, I joined the club team for a year but focused my energy into other activities on campus. I started playing consistently once I moved to Houston as a way to meet people in a new city. A passion was ignited and has led to playing on teams at various tournaments throughout the US. I have previously assisted with coaching boys club (15-18) and this will be my first year with AVA.

Coaching Philosophy

Encouraging players to understand that volleyball is in many ways a game of imperfection and that errors are inevitable. There is no such thing as a perfect match and the goal is always to “better the ball” (try to improve the situation you are given). Teaching players to accept and embrace aspects that are out of their comfort zone will help not only in volleyball but in life. Growth only comes through stretching our bounds and challenging our own resilience.

Practice Philosophy

“Practice like the player you aspire to be, not the player you currently are”. The mental aspect of volleyball is one of the most challenging hurdles of any sport to overcome. Through keeping aspirations of performance in mind, it sets and reinforces the confidence needed to be successful in this sport. If a player practices the same way they have always played, improvements and progress are going to be slow. If they practice without purpose or drive, the performance will be reflected once they step on the court when it comes time for the match. Players must put forth the effort in practice to see the desired results in the match.

Coaching Strengths

Jump Serving, Body Mechanics, Court Positioning/Vision, Out-of-System Game Play, Defense, Cross Training

Final Notes

Volleyball is just as much (if not more) of a mental game as it is physical. My goal is to challenge players in such a way to build confidence in their abilities as an athlete but also a person. Fostering an environment that manifests respect, commitment, communication, and empathy for others are the most important attributes any athlete should take away. These are the foundation of what it means to be a TEAM.