Gabby Hall

About Me:

Hi Everyone! My name is Gabriella Hall but I like to go by “Gabby”. I am currently a student at ACC in the process of completing my associates degree in Health Science and majoring in Radiology to become an X-Ray Tech!!

Volleyball Background:

I started playing volleyball at our YMCA at the age of 9. Because I loved playing so much, I started playing for AVA at the age of 10 and played there until I graduated high school in 2019. I also played all through junior high and highschool. I played all around until finally realizing that I loved setting and hitting the most! In my junior year I was really focused on setting and brought that into my club season. Then going into my senior year of highschool and club year, my HS and Club coaches had faith in me to run a 5-1 and I loved it! Towards the end of my senior year, I earned a scholarship and signed on to play at Lee college in Baytown. After my freshman year, plans changed a lot with Covid but God always has a plan and I got the chance to coach at the club I had played for my entire career...AVA! I am loving every single minute of it and am happy to be back with the sport that I have always loved!!

Coaching Philosophy:

I want to create a very positive environment where each kid wants to show up to practice and have the desire or “want” to get better, not just in the gym but also putting in the hard work outside of practice. I have always known from a young age that skills can be taught, but energy, passion, attitude and discipline comes from the athlete. Every parent, player, coach, ref, or a college coach can either be impressed or turned away by an attitude or how you carry yourself. I want my players to have great attitudes, a deep passion for the game, a desire to want to get better and strive to be the best player they can be...I want to see my players succeed.

Practice Philosophy:

Practice is the time when we can break down the game and focus on certain things that need to be worked on meaning; technique, strategies, rotations, goals. I feel as if practice is the time to make the most mistakes so you can learn from them and know what to do come game time. This is when we can work on goals for hitting, passing and setting, so each player can work together to fix it, instead of individually. I want my players to practice just as hard as if they were playing in a national championship.

Coaching strengths:

Setting, Serving, Defense, Serve Receive, Positivity, Hard working

Final Notes:

My goal is to always push my players to give 100% no matter what drill it is, to always have a positive attitude, know that it is okay to make mistakes but don't allow it stay in your head (shake it off)...turn it around and be determined to get fired up instead of shutting down use it to your advantage and play harder. Never never never give up!! This isn’t an individual sport, we are a unit, a team…. we are one! We fight together, we fight for one another, we fight as a team...when we do that...we can't help but be Winners!