Haley Gaddy

About Me

I was born and raised in Alvin, and recently moved to Webster. I am currently a student at UHCL, pursuing a Math BA with 7-12 teaching certificate. Upon completion, I’ll soon run a high school volleyball program and teach high school math.

Volleyball Background

I began playing volleyball when I was 9 years old, and played all through junior high and high school. I started out as a six rotation middle blocker for two years. I then became a six rotation pin hitter, before realizing I wasn’t getting any taller and became a libero my junior year, finishing out my career in this position. I earned a scholarship and signed on to play at Tennessee Wesleyan University, but life plans changed that path. Now, I play co-ed at College of the Mainland, and AVA’s open gym. This 2023-2024 season will be my third season coaching with AVA, I couldn’t be more excited. The cliche is true, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!

Coaching Philosophy

I strive to create a fluid environment where players have the desire and passion to learn the game. Energy and passion drive a game, skills can be taught. Attitude and discipline is the foundation to everything and will determine a players’ future athletic career. I aim to be the coach who will give players all the information they need in practice, but come game time I want to see the girls run the show.

Practice Philosophy

Practice is a time to break down the game into small consumable pieces (technique, strategy, goals). It’s the time to make mistakes and learn from them as an individual, and as a team. Goals should be set and strived to be met. It’s a time to master the craft while building the bond, love, and passion. Individual weaknesses are to be worked at to put into one cohesive piece; the team. Practice should be more competitive than the game. As a player, every practice is a new tryout.

Coaching Strengths

Hitting, setting, defense, blocking, serve receive, positive attitude